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YOGA FOR YOU is a modern studio in the center of the Säli quarter in Olten, under the direction of Danielle Kunz Dwyer in a sunny and spacious room with clean and elegant design. The studio is a lively, warm and inspiring place, dedicated to the practice and study of Yoga and Meditation. YOGA FOR YOU offers a variety of regular classes and workshops, which show the diversity of yoga practice. A space for community, connection, and embodied movement... a space for you !

Drop into the wisdom of  your heart

                           xoxo Danielle

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The Studio is closed over the autumn holiday from: 2. Oktober- 15.Oktober 2023

Click here for more info regarding upcoming holidays


Currently, courses are offered both on-site and simultaneously online via livestreaming.


9.15-10.30 Uhr

Sun / Moon 



14.00- 14.45 Uhr

(very gentle)

Senior/ -in


10.00- 11.00 Uhr

Meditation /

Yoga Nidra  

(1 x Monat)


29. Oktober

26. November

17. Dezember

9.15-10.30 Uhr

Sun / Moon / Fire

8.15-9.30 Uhr

Body Awake Yoga

18.15 -19.30 Uhr

Sun / Moon


18.15-19.30 Uhr

Sun / Moon  


Kid`s Yoga

with Fabienne

20.00-21.15 Uhr

Sun / Moon / Fire             

20.00-21.15 Uhr

Sun / Moon /Fire

Class Description


dynamic flow, lively and energizing

Body Awake

energetic orientation within practice including intensive breathwork, toning, mantra and meditation


relaxing, stabilising, and centering practice

with some longer held and restorative poses


1-2 years yoga experience recommended


ideal for beginners or those wanting to move at a slower pace


With prior registration all of the available classes can be accessed from home via online / Livestreaming

Yoga Nidra: Yoga Nidra is received in the supine position and leads to a deeply relaxed state in which the practitioner hovers between the states of dreaming, sleeping and waking. This process has a rejuvenating effect on the whole body/mind system.

A wonderful practice to balance the effects of our demanding modern lifestyles.


Yoga Nidra

Meditation: Once a month we dedicate a class towards meditation practice. We begin by warming up the body and preparing the mind with some gentle dynamic asanas and breathwork. The class is open to both those new to meditation as well as those with an established practice who would like to deepen their meditation in the support of a group. All that is needed is an upright posture, either with the support of props or a chair and an open mind.



Yoga im Park

Weather permitting, Saturday morning classes will be held outdoors at Theodore Schweizer Way park from May through September (information will be updated via the group chat on Friday afternoons).

In all of us lies a well of intuitive wisdom, power, and joy when we allow the time and space to connect to it. 

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My approach to Yoga Asana is breath centered and dynamic. The sequences are designed to flow intelligently from form to form Vinyasa Krama. Students learn the forms as well as variations with continual practice and repetition. Over time finding more strength, stability, flexibility, and mobility in the poses. Eventually work in the poses becomes more subtle, allowing for increasing mindfulness, awareness, a sense of play, as well as developing a meditative quality within the practice.

Every class begins and ends with awareness practice and attention to breath. In this way we become very conscious of how we are showing up and how the practice effects us on an individual level. Different breathing techniques or Pranayamas are utilised to support the asana practice, and to cultivate a quieter, clearer, and calmer state of mind.

Meditation is approached in an accessible and experimental way allowing space for all experiences that may arise.

The act of regularly sitting with ourselves, and drawing our attention inwards opens the door for meditative states to arise. Along the way we get to observe the nature of our minds, thoughts, and emotions and how to work with them. Regular practice can lead to more clarity, contentment, self-awareness and acceptance, creativity and inspiration.  

About Danielle

Originally from the USA, Danielle Kunz Dwyer settled down in Switzerland 13 years ago. She has been on the Yoga Path for 28 years and has been teaching for 16 of those years. Danielle lives as a yogini, artist and mom with her family in Olten. She studied traditional Hatha Yoga and has immersed herself in a variety of lineages / traditions such as Kripalu, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Viniyoga, Tantric Hatha, Body Awake Yoga as well as traditional Yogic Philosophy, Kashmir Shaivism and various lineages of Meditation. Her teaching is characterised by the integration of her yoga, meditation, life and awakening experiences as well as her continual studies in Energy Medicine and healing. Her own daily practice serves as a source of inspiration, grounding, connection and creativity. She teaches a heart-centred approach to Yoga as a living philosophical system and enlivening path to self-discovery and awareness, including the cultivation of compassion for ourselves  and others. She teaches in English and German.

Education / Training

2022 - Energy Codes Facilitator Training - Dr. Sue Morter, Morter Institute, US

2022 - Body Awake Yoga Teacher Training Certification 200 Hrs  - Dr. Sue Morter, Morter Institute, US

Since 2021 - Collective Healing, Trauma Awareness and Integration, Sensitivity Training, Meditation- Thomas Hübl EU / US

Since 2020 - Continued Studies in Energy Medicine, Self & Remote  Healing Techniques, Yoga, Meditation- Dr.Sue Morter, Morter Institute, US

2017- 2021  Continued Studies in Tantra, Meditation, Kashmir Shaivism- Sally Kempton, US / UK

 2017- 2020 Continued Studies in Yoga, Tantra, Meditation, Yoga Nidra- Rod Stryker, US

2016- Continued Studies- Yoga for Adolescents- Ursula Salbert, CH Bern

2013/2014 - Yoga Therapy / One-to-one application in the Viniyoga Tradition T.K.V. Desikichar- Margareta Stuhl Nones, CH

2007 / 2008- Advanced Studies Yoga in the Viniyoga Tradition T.K.V. Desikichar- Healing Yoga Foundation, US

2007 / 2008- Ayurveda Health Coach- Continued Studies- DINacharya Institute, US

2005 / 2006- Ayurvedic Health Coach- AYU Academy- Kerala Ayurveda, US

2007- Foundations of Ayurveda Workshop - Robert Svoboda, US

2006- Continued Studies Course -Dinacharya / Herbs- Ananda Ashram- Vasant Lad, US

2006- Viniyoga / Vinyasa Krama Course in the Tradition T.K.V. Desikichar- Srivatsa Ramaswami

2006- Continued Studies- Vedas / Ayurveda Workshop - Maya Tiwari, US

2006- Vedic Chanting Course- Yoga Sutra, US

2006- Continued Studies Course- Yoga Therapy Conference, Kripalu- Bo Forbes, Gary Kraftsow, Richard Miller

2005 / 2006- Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training 200 hrs- Prana Mandir- Lea Kraemer

1994-1998 - Bachelors of Fine Arts in Painting & Printmaking- Skidmore College, US




Maienstrasse 1, 4600 Olten

Tel: 077 400 73 40


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