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Energy Healing

Everything is energy ... and so are you!

Are you ready for a radical infusion of more vitality, joy and inspiration in your life - no matter what's going on around you?

Are you struggling with chronic pain or illness and finally ready for vibrant, optimal health?

Are you looking for a more open, relaxed and nurturing experience in your daily life?

You haven`t had experience with yoga or energy work, but are ready to try a new approach to healing one or more


You have been practicing yoga, meditation or have had a spiritual practice for many years and are looking for integration and deeper embodiment of this practice.

Regardless of where we are starting from....this work allows us to be an active and creative participant in our own healing process - honoring our true desires and authentic nature, and becoming aware of how unresolved emotions, subconscious beliefs, and daily habits hinder or promote our growth and well-being. Through the practices, we become more aware of where our energy is flowing optimally and where our bodies are giving us messages of how we are not in alignment with our authenticity. We learn how to initiate and ignite change from within.

We begin to detach from an overactive mind and live a fuller life of wholeness guided by our own gut wisdom and grounded in our heart. Happiness and healing are a byproduct. We feel in flow, creative, inspired and adaptable, grounded and centered in our spirit, and more comfortable in our body.

I offer group classes, one-on-one coaching, and distance healing sessions, and integrate this energy work into yoga practice in an approach called Body Awake Yoga®. Online sessions via Zoom are also available and very effective.

" You are the energy of energy medicine!" Dr. Sue Morter

About Me

As a highly attuned-Empath it took me many years to discover that my sensitive nature is not only not wrong but a gift in which to embrace life and the world in my own unique way. I studied and worked as an artist for several years before my longing for grounding and embodiment led me to deepen my long-term yoga practice and become a teacher. In recent years, my discovery of working with the Energy Codes® practices, alongside the support and supervision from an internationally recognized Energy Healer, has allowed me to feel both grounded in my creative nature and anchored in living with an open heart.

As a certified Energy Codes® coach, group facilitator, remote healing practitioner and yoga teacher, I work in an intuitive way to sense and read the field, whether working in a group or with individuals in order to hold space for healing to occur. I guide others in honing their own abilities to ignite their innate self-healing capacities and how to attune to and align with the language of their unique soul print. This inner-alignment can be a life changing shift -where we learn to honor our own inner compass and wisdom, and become available to the information as it rises up through the body, to be noticed by the mind, to guide us to leading a life of authenticity, fulfillment and joy- independent of external approval.


Introduction to the Energy Codes

Absolutely transformational! Your energy, kindness, attention to detail, and enthusiasm for this coursework was so wonderful. I really appreciated your fresh perspective on allowing myself to experience good, bad and challenging things without melting down or running away. I recommend this work to anyone open to energy healing, breathwork, and holistic health integration

Brady , coaching participant US

Group Courses

These group courses are both an exploration into the practices of The Energy Codes® and a container for supporting and inspiring their integration in community.


Your Radical Wholeness

In this yearlong introductory course we learn the foundational practices and principles of the Energy Codes®. Allowing a solid foundation to build upon and draw from.

The next course cycle begins 7.September `24 


Creating Sacred Space

This is the follow-up yearlong course to Your Radical Wholeness. Once we have learned the foundational practices and principles, this course creates a space in which we can explore our experiences in integrating the work, deepening our practice in the supportive container of a group.


The next course cycle is planned to begin in Sep `25



Your Radical Wholeness Yoga Retreat

This Retreat is a deep dive into how we can embody and integrate our yoga, meditation, and inquiry practice with the support of The Energy Codes® work. Offered in a beautiful retreat setting, without the distractions of daily life so that you  feel what it`s like to live in your wholeness!


The next Yoga Retreat is planned for 10.April-13.April 2025. Spaces are limited an early registration is recommended!

1:1 Transformational Energy Coaching

You don't need any prior experience with yoga, meditation or energy work to get started.... just curiosity and openness to explore.

In one-on-one Energy Coaching we explore how the practices and principles of The Energy Codes® can support you in a very individual and personalized manner. Whether you are simply looking for healing and support with a symptom, injury or illness or you are looking to manifest change in other aspects of your life- The sessions begin with a conversation about what is showing up and important for you in the moment and where you would like support. The energy work is most impactful in a series, as lasting change takes time and so that we can discover together where energy could flow more optimally and what could be done to optimize well-being. I  weave in the traditional yogic science with this more modern approach as it relates to the needs and interest of each individual. You`ll leave each session with a personalized set of practices to be integrated, until the next session. These sessions can take place every 2-3 weeks intitially for optimal integration, later perhaps as feels best for supporting the changes. All sessions take place in person or online over ZOOM.

Remote Healing Sessions

Remote Healing sessions offer energetic support to the participant and can be used to gain insight into what aspect of our being could come into better alignment for optimal health and wellness. I also offer support sessions for those who have upcoming surgeries or are healing from illness or injury. These sessions align us with our highest good within the field of inter-connective intelligence. I include a remote session with coaching clients who are interested. I offer a limited number of support sessions outside of coaching. Sessions are 30 Minutes in length and take place remotely "offline."

Book an Appointment

Energy Coaching Appointments are available for clients from Switzerland at the following times. Please send me an email with what offering you are interested in and which from the following days / times  you are available to meet.

Tuesdays: 9.30 or 10.00 am

Thursdays:  9.30 or 10.00 am / 14.00 pm

Fridays: 13.30 / 15.00 pm

Saturdays: 10.00 am (when no courses are taking place)


Energy Coaching Appointments are available for clients from the US or abroad, at the following times. Please send me an email with what offering you are interested in and which from the following days / times  you are available to meet.

online via ZOOM:

Mondays at 3.30 pm EST

Tuesdays at 2.00 pm EST

Saturdays at 9.00 or 10.00 am EST


+41 77 400 73 40


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