LET`S CONNECT... registration OPEN for livestream classes & online practice library!



(Please take note of slight change in class times)
















Please register for a particular class (or classes). This does not have to be the same class you regularly attend if your needs and schedules have changed. All classes will be offered LIVE via ZOOM at the above times but will continue to be available as a recorded video for the remainder of the week.  This means if you aren`t able or prefer not to meet for the LIVESTREAM class you will be able to access the video for the next week.The LIVESTREAMING allows us to maintain a sense of connection and community. Cameras are 2 way but participants have the choice at anytime to shut off their cameras during the practice.

My Abo and course prices remain unchanged. Existing class Abos can be applied to the livestreaming subscription when desired. New students are very welcome, please don`t hesitate to touch base with interest and questions! I am very grateful for every registration! I am aware that there are many free resources on the internet, but if you appreciate my work and teaching and our yoga room - or if you are looking for a more intimate connection to practice with a teacher- please support me so that I can continue to do what I do with pleasure and passion... our YOGA FOR YOU room will survive this situation with your support!

Included with your Abo subscription/ membership will be access to a growing library of shorter practice videos available via password. These recorded videos (much like the ones below) will be shorter practices, recorded meditations, yoga nidra (deep relaxation exercises), and pranayama (breathing) exercises to support your practice.


In the chance of serious illness or injuries, or those of loved ones that prevent you from participating in the classes, please just touch base.. it is my intention to support you to the best of my abilities at this time !

Private lessons are still available also via Livestream / ZOOM  if you are looking for more individual instruction or support, either as single appointments or regular meetings.


After registration you will receive an  invitation as well as information regarding how to connect to livestream, how to download ZOOM for free, and how to access the Video Library. Course payments can either be transferred or payed directly via Paypal.


You are very welcome to forward this offer to friends, family and colleagues. Of course I would be very pleased! 



This album HAMSA is a heart project that I have produced with my husband, musician André Kunz. The idea was to create music specifically for yoga and meditation practice ....which we call Saraswati Productions the result of us putting our heads and hearts together... in the spirit of upliftment. 


The album with a total of 67 running minutes includes 5 Songs, composed and performed by André -was created to inspire deep reflection, embodied movement, and flow! I hope it can be a source of comfort and inspiration and help you find your flow state either in your practice or whatever you find yourself doing in this moment. 


Your purchase of the album (either CD or downloadable audio file), as well as any additional donations above the selling price are highly appreciated and help to support the YOGA FOR YOU Studio during its closing during the Corona Outbreak. We thank you for your support and hope you enjoy the beautiful music!

9.00-10.15 Uhr



20.00-21.15 Uhr


20.00-21.15 Uhr


18.00-19.15 Uhr


8.00-9.15 Uhr

SUN (power) EN

9.00-10.15 Uhr








Emotionale Unterstützung durch stressige Zeiten-

MOON Praxis (Deutsch) 30 Minuten

Zurück in deinen Körper kommen -

SUN Praxis (Deutsch) 30 Minuten

Morning Practice -

SUN (English) 40 Minutes

Überfordert? Kommt zur Ruhe-
MOON -gentle (Deutsch) 24 Minuten

Thanks to Simone Scholtz for the beautiful photography!

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