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The opportunity to participate in the regular classes per LIVESTREAM however remains open and available. Register anytime for an online trial lesson.  


The Abo and course prices for livestreaming are the same as live participation.

Existing class Abos can be applied to the livestreaming subscription when desired.

Private lessons are also available via Livestream / ZOOM  if you are looking for more individual instruction or support, either as single appointments or regular meetings.


Ham Sa. final.jpg



This album HAMSA is a heart project that I have produced with my husband, musician André Kunz. The idea was to create music specifically for yoga and meditation practice ....which we call Saraswati Productions the result of us putting our heads and hearts together... in the spirit of upliftment. 


The album with a total of 67 running minutes includes 5 Songs, composed and performed by André -was created to inspire deep reflection, embodied movement, and flow! I hope it can be a source of comfort and inspiration and help you find your flow state either in your practice or whatever you find yourself doing in this moment. 


Your purchase of the album (either CD or downloadable audio file), as well as any additional donations above the selling price are highly appreciated and help to support the YOGA FOR YOU Studio during its closing during the Corona Outbreak. We thank you for your support and hope you enjoy the beautiful music!

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